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2 die in tragic Texas crash, another man seriously injured

Posted on in Auto Accidents

A Texas man is recovering after a devastating turn of events that required the amputation of both of his legs and left two people dead.

The man was traveling on Interstate 45 near Rankin, Texas, around 1:30 a.m. one recent morning when he pulled over his Chevrolet Suburban to try to help others who were involved in a crash.

Here’s what happened next: Police say that a Lincoln Navigator towing a trailer was on I-45, heading south. The Navigator, carrying a couple and their two young children, sustained a flat tire. They got to the side of the road and stopped, and the trailer was rammed by a Mazda.

The man driving the Mazda got out of his car, and a woman exited the Navigator. An approaching Chevrolet Silverado swerved so that it wouldn’t hit the stopped cars ahead and spun out into the middle lanes of the highway.

As he saw the man and woman still sanding to the side of the road, the Suburban driver pulled over to try to help them. At just that time, a delivery vehicle rammed all the cars, killing the man and woman on the road. The Suburban driver, seeking to avoid being hit by the delivery vehicle, jumped from the overpass to get out of the way. He suffered serious injuries in the 15-foot fall but still was able to call 911 for assistance. The man’s uncle said in addition to the leg injuries that required amputation, he had fractures of his spine and skull and was hospitalized in Houston.

This is a tragic incident that will take time for investigators to work through. In the meantime, one man suffered serious injuries, children are left without their mother, and another man’s life was lost. Catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths like these deserve significant compensation. The victims and their survivors will never be the same due to the long-lasting consequences to their lives. Unfortunately, multi-vehicle accidents have complex issues surrounding liability, which can make insurance companies reluctant to pay.

The financial and emotional losses of catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths are incalculable for all involved, and an attorney with experience in these kinds of personal injury cases can let them know their options.

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