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Accidents Due to Poor Gun Range Management

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In the United States, there are roughly 70,000 non-fatal gunshot injuries each year. While many of these are acts of assault or self-harm, a portion of these incidents are the result of accidental shootings. Accidental gunshots account for more than 15% of gunshot wounds and gunshot deaths. Following an accidental shooting, many victims are uncertain of their legal rights. Even if a shooting is not purposeful, a person can be held liable for gunshot injuries that are caused by their reckless or negligent actions. This extends to business owners or managers who may be responsible for gun range accidents. Inadequate gun range management attorney Shane R. Kadlec offers those in the Houston, TX, area legal representation following an accidental shooting or injury at a gun range. He will fight to ensure that his clients are justly compensated for the full extent of their losses after such an injury.

Potential Gun Range Risks

If you consider the atmosphere of a gun range, it is easy to see that there is a great potential for risk and injury. Gun ranges are loud, crowded facilities, with multiple people firing weapons at once. Although there are dividers set up to create separate ranges, in most cases, individuals are shooting within just a couple of feet from one another. The experience level of these people can vary greatly. While it is common for an experienced police officer or military personnel to practice at a gun range, it is just as likely for a person to be firing a weapon for the first time. Because of the potential risks of a gun range accident, it is especially important that gun range owners and managers take the precautions necessary to create a safe environment. Unfortunately, gun range accidents do occur, and most incidents can be attributed to poor gun range management.

Gun Range Injuries

When a gun range is not managed properly, accidents and injuries can occur. Following are some of the most common types of injuries to occur at a gun range:

  • Pierced eardrums: Guns make a lot of noise when they are shot. If a gun range fails to provide adequate protection for the ears or is not set up properly to protect its clients from significant noise, the ears can be damaged.
  • Slips and falls: Gun range managers are responsible for keeping their business clean and free of debris. Loose shell casings and gun oil can easily create a hazard that can lead to a slip or fall.
  • Accidental shootings: Although they are rare, the most damaging type of gun range injury is an accidental shooting. An accidental shooting could seriously harm, or even kill a person.

Seeking Compensation

Following a gun range accident, it is important for victims to seek legal counsel. Attorney Shane R. Kadlec has helped countless victims of accidental shootings and other gun range injuries. He is experienced in this field of law and is ready to help clients collect the compensation they are due for losses related to these types of injuries. Potential avenues of compensation include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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