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Guns do not injure people, people do. Gun owners have a duty to handle and maintain their guns responsibly and make sure that others are not able to access their guns, especially children.

A gunshot accident due to negligence occurs when the gun owner or shooter fails to exercise reasonable care and precaution when handling a gun due to lack of training, or him or her being impaired, or any other reason, thereby endangering the safety of others.


  • 31% of all households in the country have firearms, and 22% of American adults own one or more firearms.
  • Gun injuries are the second-leading cause of deaths among American children and teens and leading cause of death among high-school students.
  • There are 393 million guns in circulation in the United States.
  • 1 out of 3 homes with kids have guns.
  • Domestic violence is more likely to turn deadly with a gun in the house.
  • Most parents don’t think their children know where their guns are stored, but when researchers asked children directly, 40% of the children were able to correctly identify the location of a gun in their house.
  • Accidental gun deaths account for 1% of total gun-related deaths.
  • Around 77% of accidental gun deaths occur at home.

No one deserves to endure the physical and emotional trauma of a gunshot accident. If you or your loved one has been harmed in a gunshot accident, you need an experienced Houston gunshot accident lawyer by your side who will stand up to insurance companies and gun manufacturers and help you obtain adequate compensation.


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Gunshot injuries are a major public health concern in Texas. There has been an increase in mass shootings and homicides in the state due to firearm violence. Accidental firearm injuries were 4 times more common in Texas than in any other state, according to a 2014 survey. Houston has the highest rate of gun related injuries in the state.

A gunshot accident due to negligence occurs when the gun owner or shooter fails to exercise reasonable care and precaution when handling a gun, thereby endangering the safety of others. Children tend to be most vulnerable due to their curiosity and impulsivity.


If you or a loved one has been a victim of a accident involving a firearm, our team of gunshot accident lawyers recommends you do the following :


No matter how safety-conscious you may try to be, the behaviors and decisions of other people can still lead to you or someone you love suffering a serious injury or even dying. You probably already recognize that the actions of other people can immediately affect you on the road. What may not be quite as obvious as that you could also wind up hurt in your own home because of what someone else does.

The vast majority of adults in Texas have the legal right to own and safely store a firearm in their home. If your neighbor is not safe about how they store their firearm, how they store their ammunition, how they clean their weapon or how they practice with it, you or someone in your family could wind up accidentally wounded when a bullet enters your residence.

Bullets can sometimes go through multiple walls

Being inside your house won't necessarily stop you from getting hurt when someone fires a weapon outside or in an adjacent unit in a multi-unit building. There have even been cases of bullets traveling through the home of the person who fired the gun, through an empty apartment and then into someone's home.


People go to the shooting range for all sorts of reasons — to hang out with their friends, blow off some steam or build up their skill with a new firearm. These ranges are often popular, successful businesses. Most people who visit shooting ranges will come away with stories about their experience and accuracy, not injuries.

Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen where many people handle firearms in close proximity to one another. No matter how well-organized and safety-focused your favorite shooting range is, you could potentially wind up suffering an accidental gunshot wound due to someone else’s negligence, a malfunctioning weapon or other circumstances.

Not everyone who wants to shoot can handle their guns

Different shooting ranges have different policies, but many allow people to bring their own firearms or to rent firearms for use on the range. Just because somebody was able to buy a 12-gauge shotgun doesn’t mean that they can handle the recoil when they fire it. The same is likely true for the larger and higher caliber firearms sometimes available for rental at shooting ranges.


The purpose of any personal injury lawsuit is to compensate a victim after an accident that was someone else’s fault. The goal, meanwhile, is to get enough compensation to help the victim get as close as possible back to what their life was like before it was disrupted by the accident.

Part of that is making sure the victim doesn’t have to pay accident-related bills out of their own pocket. It is easy to prove how much a victim is owed for medical expenses and lost wages just by looking at the total of their medical bills and missed paychecks. But bills are far from the only consequence of an injury-causing accident, and other consequences may have a far greater impact on your life.

How do you calculate the value of physical pain? What about the stress and emotional harm an accident causes? No amount of money can ever take away that pain. But we can get close to assigning a monetary value by examining what effect your injury has had on your life.

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