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An attractive nuisance is something that could be very dangerous to children, perhaps leading to catastrophic injuries, that is located on someone’s property. Even if the children should not trespass on that property, the homeowner may be liable for injuries that occur if they did not do enough to keep the children safe.

Say, for instance, that a homeowner installs a pool. They have neighbors but no fence. They put up signs on the pool deck that say, “No trespassing” and “No swimming” and assume that covers them from liability. Then, while they are out of town one day, a 3-year-old neighbor wanders onto the property and falls into the pool.

The homeowner may argue that it’s not their fault. They put up signs, and the child shouldn’t have been there to begin with. However, the court could find them liable since they did not have anything — like a fence with a locking gate — to actually prevent the incident from happening.


Over one million people suffer significant injuries from slip and fall accidents in the United States. These injuries can alter the injured person’s entire life, and can cause loss of employment, loss of mobility, enormous medical bills as well as permanent pain and suffering.Only automobile accidents rank above slip and fall accidents as causes of accidental deaths in the Country. Businesses have a legal obligation to make sure their premises are free from harm and in a reasonably safe condition for customers and guests.If a person is injured or seriously hurt after slipping, tripping or falling on someone else’s property because of the owner’s negligence, the injured person is entitled to receive compensation for medical bills, time he or she was off work and even for pain and suffering.If you or any of your loved ones have been in a slip and fall accident, it is important to remember and follow these steps immediately following the unfortunate incident:-•SEEK MEDICAL TREATMENT.The number one priority should always be the health of the person involved in a slip and fall accident. It is important not only to get urgent treatment, but also to get injuries evaluated and documented. In future lawsuits, medical records are valuable evidence.

•REPORT THE ACCIDENT.It is important to report the accident irrespective of where it occurred. Whether in a store, a parking lot, on a sidewalk or even if it’s at the residence of a friend, it is necessary to report the incident to the manager, owner or landlord. Seek written report that details the unfortunate incident.•PROPER DOCUMENTATION.It is important to collect names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all potential witnesses. These witnesses offer valuable insight into how the Victim fell, causes of the accident, the nature of injuries suffered. Photographs and videos are pursuasive evidence of the conditions that may be prevailing at the time of the accident. Injured parties should take photographs of their injuries too. It is essential to put away the shoes and clothes that were worn by the injured person in safe storage.

•MAINTAIN CALM AND COMMUNICATION SHOULD BE LIMITED.The Injured person should refrain from posting pictures or videos of the accident on social media. He or she should refuse to give statements to insurance companies, instead should hire a competent Houston slip and fall lawyer and let the lawyer deal with them. The injured person should not blame anyone and also shouldn’t take blame for the accident. Admitting any part of the blame upfront can undermine a future lawsuit.•CALL EXPERIEMCED SLIP AND FALL ATTORNEY IN HOUSTON.Slip and fall accident cases are complex and hard to prove. Our qualified and experienced Attorneys possess in depth knowledge and experience to assist a victim and his family to navigate through complex and confusing slip and fall accident laws. Our team relentlessly fights to secure maximum compensation through verdicts and settlements for victims of slip and fall accidents in Houston and all across Texas.


Running away from a dangerous dog feels like the most natural thing in the world. The dog charges and you turn and sprint in the other direction. Maybe it’s just instinct. After all, you’re trying to protect yourself. Maybe you think the dog just wants you out of its perceived territory and you’re showing it that you’re getting out.

No matter why you run, it’s actually the wrong idea. Dogs have a very strong chase reflex. Anyone who has gone for a jog with their pet knows how this works. The dog may seem tired out after a few miles but, if a squirrel runs across the sidewalk, the dog suddenly has a burst of strength to pull on the leash.

The same is true no matter what the dog is chasing. That’s a dog’s first instinct. It may just have barked at your before but, if you run, now it wants to chase. That escalates the entire situation. The dog may chase you down and bite you specifically because you ran.


The Texas native’s first brush with stardom was in 1973’s cult classic, “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” but it wasn’t until the release of the “Bat Out of Hell” album four years later that Michael Lee Aday – better known as Meat Loaf – became a real star on his own. While his career has had its share of ups and downs, none of the low points rival the fall he took in May of last year in Texas.

The singer broke his collarbone in a fall from a stage at a Hyatt hotel in Dallas. He recently filed a premises liability lawsuit against the hospitality company. Aday named both Hyatt and the company that sponsored the convention at which he was to perform in his lawsuit.

According to Aday, the Hyatt’s stage had dark curtains hanging at the edge of the back of the stage. The curtains created an illusion that the stage is larger than it is in reality. So when the 72-year-old singer walked up to the curtains at the end of a Q-and-A session, he fell off of the stage and was badly injured.

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