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Harris County Personal Injury LawyerFor many people, falling down results in little more than a few scratches and bruises. However, some fall victims suffer critical injuries that leave them permanently disabled. Something as simple as walking through a parking lot or shopping at a grocery store can lead to severe slip and fall accidents that cause life-changing medical problems. If you or a loved one suffered a debilitating injury in a slip and fall accident, contact a skilled premises liability attorney for help taking legal action.

Falls Resulting in Severe Injuries

According to the CDC, about one in five fall accidents leads to a serious injury such as a traumatic brain injury. Elderly people are especially vulnerable to severe injuries in a fall accident because their bones are often weaker than the bones of young people. Individuals taking blood thinners and those with vitamin D deficiency are also at increased risk of severe and fatal injuries in a fall accident.

Brain injuries can lead to physical and mental injuries that dramatically impact the victim’s life. The initial head injury usually heals. However, secondary injuries such as oxidative stress and excitotoxicity can permanently damage the neurons in the brain. Traumatic brain injury sufferers can experience difficulty communicating, memory loss, reduced problem-solving abilities, and psychological problems like depression and irritability.

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