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Construction is one of the most dangerous careers in the United States in terms of both the risk for workplace injury and the potential for a workplace fatality. There are a host of risks, ranging from machinery and the potential for falls to electrocution, that creates on-the-job dangers for construction workers.

In many circumstances, construction workers who get hurt qualify for workers' compensation benefits. However, those who are independent contractors or self-employed may not qualify for those benefits. Workers can also find that their employers challenge their claims or may not have carried the necessary insurance to protect their staff.

There are situations in which an injured worker can bring a claim against their employer after a workplace injury. When is such a lawsuit an option for an injured construction worker?


Young people often get blamed for distracted driving. When you see a PSA about distractions in the car, it probably features a high school student or a college student texting and driving. For many, that’s the main focus with distracted driving.

That bias is somewhat unfair, though. Everyone faces potential distractions. In fact, some studies have discovered that parents face an incredibly high level of distraction just from having the children in the car. It may not be the teen you need to worry about; it may be the young parent with a baby or a toddler in the back seat.

When you talk to parents about this, they list a seemingly endless line of distractions. For instance, some parents know that their children want to hear specific songs, so they spend the entire drive trying to adjust the stereo or look up the requested songs on their phone. Others have to give the children toys and snacks to keep them happy in the car. Worse yet, many children will drop these items on the floor. They can’t get them while properly strapped into a car seat, so they’ll yell for their parent to pick the item up. Too many parents try to twist and turn around to grab the items without slowing down, much less stopping the car on the side of the road.


A patient doesn’t ever expect that their medical care team will treat them in a manner that results in a worse injury than they originally had. Unfortunately, there are cases when a patient will suffer harm at the expense of their doctors or nurses. Some of the things that can lead to this are known as “never-events.”

A never-event is something that happens that shouldn’t happen under any circumstances. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) have specific incidents that it notes fall under the category of never-events. When these occur, patients can suffer great harm.

Never-events fall under three broad categories – case management, surgical events and medical devices and products. The tie that binds all these is that they could have been prevented if proper protocol was followed as intended.


Many Texas victims injured in motor vehicle accidents believe that they can acquire the compensation they need without a lawyer. In some cases, this approach might work, but it can also fail, leaving victims with lingering injuries and expensive medical bills.

The insurance adjuster's job is to settle the case as cheaply as possible, and in Texas, have no duty to deal in good faith with the injured person. That can result in unfair settlement practices, leaving victims without legal representation further harmed by relying on the adjuster, thinking they can trust them.

In general, people don't fully understand how an injury lawyer can help victims. Lawyers do not simply show up in a courtroom requesting compensation. It takes much more to win an injury claim. Aside from making a commitment to assist those harmed in motor vehicle accidents, injury lawyers:


According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were 2,752,043 registered tractor-trailers in the United States in 2016. In total, large trucks traveled 287.9 billion miles in America that year. That is a lot of miles covered across the country’s roadways. Given the distances and numbers in those stats, you can imagine the wear and tear on vehicles each year, especially if they routinely make long trips between states to deliver and ship freight. Vehicle maintenance issues can lead to large truck accidents, and it’s important to hold negligent parties accountable.

The Law Office Of Shane R. Kadlec here in Houston, TX would like to consider hazards linked to poor large truck maintenance. We’ll also note liability in these kinds of accidents so you are aware of your legal rights.

Tire Blowouts on Large Trucks

Tires must be rotated and replaced on semi-trucks. The long trips that they make can result in serious wear on these tires, making blowouts and shredding much more likely. Blowouts could lead to tractor-trailers losing control. Shredded tires can also lead to hazards, with treat shot out at high velocity at nearby motorists.

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