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Five Causes of Railroad Accidents in Texas

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Harris County Train Wreck LawyerTexas ranks first in the nation in the number of collisions at railroad crossings with 247 in 2021. These collisions between trains and vehicles crossing the tracks led to 57 injuries and 17 deaths. While happening less frequently than car accidents, the severity of train accidents can be much greater. 

The speed and weight of a train can cause serious damage to the car or other vehicle involved in the crash and severe injuries and even death to the driver and passengers. Other train related injuries can be sustained by those riding on the train or bystanders who are injured indirectly from the collision at a railroad crossing, by a collision with another train, or by a derailment. For all railroad accidents in Texas, these are the most common causes:

  • Train Equipment Failure - Mechanical and electrical failures onboard a train can cause collisions with other trains or with vehicles at railroad crossings. 

  • Driver Error - A common cause of railroad crossing accidents are drivers going around gates that are down or are in the process of closing. This is risky for their safety as well as those nearby who could be injured by the debris caused by the accident. Texas also has the highest number of unsignalized train crossings in the country, where drivers must pay special attention to whether or not a train is approaching.  

  • Train Operator Error - Train operators can cause accidents by being distracted, operating at speeds too fast for the tracks they are on, or other failures to safely operate the train. 

  • Signal malfunctions - Train operators rely on signals in much the same way as drivers on roads. If there is a malfunctioning signal, it can cause an accident. 

  • Track Conditions - Railroad tracks must remain in good condition for trains to operate properly and safely. Worn, defective, or broken tracks can lead to derailments and accidents. 

There are also a variety of miscellaneous causes of railroad accidents, including objects on the tracks and improperly loaded train cars. 

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