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How to drive safely when traffic picks up

Posted on in Auto Accidents

There are times when you know that you’re driving into a traffic jam, such as during your morning or evening commute. And there are also times when traffic congestion may suddenly pop up out of nowhere, such as the result of a new construction project or an accident.

There are specific steps you can take to drive safely when traffic picks up. Here’s what you should do:

  • Focus on the road, and nothing else: This is a good tip to follow at all times, especially in heavy traffic. Even though you’re moving slowly, it doesn’t mean you should take your attention away from the task at hand.
  • Leave a greater following distance: Yes, traffic has slowed to a crawl, but don’t sit too close to the bumper in front of you. A few car lengths gives you plenty of time to stop in the event of an emergency.
  • Don’t get involved with aggressive drivers: Should you come across an aggressive driver, such as someone who is swerving all over the place or changing lanes without signaling, keep your distance. Engaging them, such as by yelling or using hand motions, will only put you at greater risk of an accident.

These are the types of tips that can help you drive safely when traffic picks up. If you’re injured in an accident despite your best efforts to avoid trouble, call for help and accept medical treatment. You can then turn your attention to the accident's aftermath, including filing an insurance claim and protecting your legal rights.

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