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Legal Damages in Dog Bite Cases

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Dog attacks are a serious danger no matter where they occur. In a park or while walking down the street, a dog attack can result in severe lacerations and injuries. Some of these injuries may be so severe that they require years of medical treatment and surgery to address. This is one of may reasons why speaking with a dog bite and animal attack lawyer is so important after an incident such as this.

The team at the Law Office Of Shane R. Kadlec has helped injury victims throughout the greater Houston area. Let's take a moment to consider what kinds of expenses may be incurred following a dog attack and how legal damages help injury victims.

Medical Expenses After a Dog Attack

After being attacked by a dog, many attack victims require immediate medical care. This is particularly true of savage dog attacks. Emergency surgery may be required to address major harm to the body and internal organs. Following this medical treatment, physical therapy and rehabilitation may be necessary to restore your ability to get around and perform normal tasks.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dog attacks can result in disfigurement to the attack victim. This is especially the case when the dog bites the face or causes harm to the head. Reconstructive surgery may be required to repair the damage done to a person's appearance. The necessary work may be extensive, and while surgeon will work hard, scars and other signs of disfigurement may remain.

Loss of Wages and Future Earnings

Medical treatment and recovery means being unable to go to work. This loss of income can have a major impact on your life and livelihood. When dog attacks cause significant harm, the injuries may involve the loss of fingers, or perhaps even the loss of a limb. Such injuries can impact your current job duties of career prospects in the future.

How Legal Damages Work

In injury cases, plaintiffs seek legal damages from defendants. These damages are a monetary award sought to address the nature of the incident that occurred. With all injury cases, compensatory damages and punitive damages may be sought.

Compensatory Damages in a Dog Attack

Compensatory damages help cover any actual material and/or financial losses that occurred as a result of the dog attack. This may include the cost of medical treatment, physical therapy, reconstructive surgery, lost wages, and so forth.

Calculating compensatory damages will involve adding up all bills and receipts related to the dog bite. If you wonder what expenses/losses can be covered through compensatory damages, your attorney will help offer some guidance.

Punitive Damages in a Dog Attack

Punitive damages are intended to punish the negligent party. The amounts sought in punitive damages are in excess of compensatory damages. These punishments may be higher when the harm sustained is particularly egregious and/or the owner of the dog was extremely negligent.

Calculating punitive damages can be difficult since there are no material losses involved. Your attorney will consider the nature of your injuries and of the incident in order to come to a fair amount that reflects the nature of the situation.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

For more information about your legal rights and options after a serious animal attack, we encourage you to contact an experienced injury and accident attorney. The Law Office Of Shane R. Kadlec is here to provide you with expert legal guidance and sound information about all of your legal options.

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