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Over one million people suffer significant injuries from slip and fall accidents in the United States. These injuries can alter the injured person’s entire life, and can cause loss of employment, loss of mobility, enormous medical bills as well as permanent pain and...

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Houston Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Many nursing homes fail to provide compassionate and comprehensive care to elderly and dependent adults in a safe environment. Nursing home abuse can lead to physical injuries and long term psychological consequences. Nursing home abuse cases are difficult to detect...

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Swimming Pool Accident Lawyers

Every year, over five hundred children under the age of ten drown in preventable swimming pool drownings, and thousands more go to hospital emergency rooms with catastrophic brain or spinal cord injuries caused by serious hypoxia or blunt force trauma experienced in a...

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The advantages of driver training

Sports coaches say good practice produces good technique, but poor practice reinforces poor technique. The same is true for driving. When you take your test, you will learn to drive correctly. Then you go and build up road experience year by year. As you do so, you...

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Dental malpractice can occur when a dental patient is harmed through the provision of sub-standard care. Just as doctors can be held liable for medical negligence, so can all types of dentists In order to make a successful case for dental malpractice, an injured...

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Spinal cord injuries are some of the most severe personal injuries we can experience. These injuries can cause paralysis and loss of sensation below the site of the injury. There are a variety of causes of spinal injuries, including bullet or stab wounds, traumatic...

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