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Slipping and Falling Is No Joke

Posted on in Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Texas slip and fall injury lawyerSlipping on a banana peel and dramatically falling is one of the oldest slapstick gags in cinematic history. When it happens to one of the Three Stooges or some other comedic character, it never fails to get a laugh. It may even be followed up by yet another common punchline - “I’m okay!” However, slip-and-fall accidents in real life are often not nearly as funny - and the person who has fallen may be very far from okay. Certainly, some people do get up laughing after a minor fall. For others, a slip-and-fall could be a life-altering event. Some people are more vulnerable to suffering serious injury due to a slip-and-fall. 

The elderly and people with certain medical conditions, like existing back problems or osteoporosis, are far more likely to be seriously harmed by falling. Yet, even a young and healthy individual could suffer major injuries if they have a bad landing. If you slipped and fell in a store, restaurant, or another public place, you may be able to recover compensation. 

A Slip-and-Fall Accident Could Cause Serious Injuries

When a person slips and falls, they will almost invariably land on their back. Serious injuries are most likely to result when a person lands on the upper part of their back, as the head and neck are likely to take some of the force. Some of the most serious injuries a slip-and-fall may cause include: 

  • Neck injuries - Landing at the wrong angle can put a lot of sudden force on a person’s neck. A severe neck injury can cause death or paralysis. This is one way that a slip-and-fall can be a life-changing event. Someone who has been paralyzed by a neck injury may need extensive care for the rest of their life. They will require care at home in order to perform basic tasks like getting dressed and eating. They may lose their ability to work entirely. 
  • Traumatic brain injuries - The back of the skull is thinner and weaker than the front. Unfortunately, when someone slips and falls they may hit the back of their head hard against the floor. This can cause a major brain injury that could change the way a person’s brain functions permanently. Many people with traumatic brain injuries need to be hospitalized for some time before being placed in a rehabilitation center. They may not be the same afterward. 
  • Broken hips - This is one of the most common - and the most dreaded - injuries an elderly individual can suffer during a fall. Sadly, a broken hip is frequently the beginning of a serious health decline that often leads to death. 
  • Back pain - Anyone who has so much as strained a back muscle can tell you that back pain is the worst. Unfortunately, for some people who injure their backs in a fall, the pain never goes away. It can become chronic and debilitating. 

When someone suffers one of these injuries, a slip-and-fall accident is not funny at all. 

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