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The advantages of driver training

Posted on in Auto Accidents

Sports coaches say good practice produces good technique, but poor practice reinforces poor technique. The same is true for driving. When you take your test, you will learn to drive correctly. Then you go and build up road experience year by year. As you do so, you may pick up bad habits. Years later, you might not be driving as well as you like to think.

Few drivers take further training. Amateur golfers, by contrast, often spend hundreds of dollars each year on coaching to improve their technique.

Being good or bad at golf is not a matter of life and death. Being bad at driving might be. Taking an online defensive driving course is a cheap way to improve your technique. It is not the same as taking an advanced driving course where you drive with an instructor, but it is a good start. Here are some of the advantages of attending a class:

  • Saves you money: Many Texas insurance firms will reduce your insurance premiums if you take an approved defensive driving course. You could save 10%, which would soon cover the cost of your course.
  • Dismiss a speeding ticket: If caught speeding, you may be given the option to take a defensive driving program instead of the points and fine.
  • Reduce the chance you are in a vehicle accident: Too many people are injured or killed in Houston vehicle accidents each year due to bad driving. The better training drivers have, the safer the roads become.

A course will teach you how to improve your driving and anticipate and avoid others’ dangerous driving. It could save your life.

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