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Understanding the Importance of Medical Attention After a Car Accident

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houston car crash injury lawyerMany people who have been involved in car accidents wonder whether they really need to go to the hospital when they do not feel like they sustained any injuries. Immediate symptoms people may experience after an automobile accident can include headaches, neck or back pain, dizziness or lightheadedness, tinnitus (ringing ears), blurred vision, and sensitivity to light, and delayed symptoms could include soreness, pain, stiffness, redness, difficulty sleeping, painful bruising, irritability, personality changes, and challenges concentrating. These symptoms can be indicative of serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. 

Anyone involved in a car crash in the Houston area will want to be sure they get prompt medical attention afterthe accident, regardless of how they feel immediately afterwards.

Why Medical Attention is Important

One of the biggest mistakes people involved in car accidents can make is a delay in obtaining necessary medical care. Every single person involved in a car accident in Texas needs to seek medical attention as soon as possible following an accident. 

Your first reason for doing this is to ensure you did not suffer an injury with delayed symotoms. Many internal organ injuries and brain injuries do not result in immediate symptoms, so sufferers are unaware of how seriously they were hurt.When people do not treat these injuries promptly after they happen, it can cause complications in recovery later on. 

Furthermore, if you are preparing to file a personal injury claim, getting medical attention several weeks or months after an accident happened will be viewed very suspiciously. Insurance companies will be more likely to argue that the issues you are now dealing with were not connected to your motor vehicle accident.

Seeing a doctor right away after an accident will only help your personal injury claim. You will be able to have a medical professional diagnose your condition and immediately note any complications you are experiencing right away after the accident, so there is a clear connection.

Damages in many personal injury cases are dependent on proving that a person’s harm was the clear result of an accident caused by another party’s negligence, so you cannot ignore the obligation you have to make sure that you did not suffer serious injuries. The defendant’s insurance company is likely to argue that your accident was not severe enough to cause your alleged injuries, and they will be seeking any kind of reason to doubt medical records, especially when dates of treatment occur long after the dates of the accidents.

Contact a Houston, TX Car Accident Lawyer for a Free Consultation

When you are having issues with your medical care coverage following a car accident in the Houston area, be sure to speak to a Harris County car accident attorney at Law Office of Shane R. Kadlec. Our firm has helped people recover substantial compensation in these cases.

We can assist you if you are having any difficulty obtaining the medical care you need, including possibly setting up a medical lien with your hospital or another facility so your bills can be paid through whatever settlement or judgment you receive. You can call 281-643-2000 or contact us online today to schedule your free consultation.



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