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When bullets come through your walls and hurt you or a loved one

Posted on in Accidental Gunshots

No matter how safety-conscious you may try to be, the behaviors and decisions of other people can still lead to you or someone you love suffering a serious injury or even dying. You probably already recognize that the actions of other people can immediately affect you on the road. What may not be quite as obvious as that you could also wind up hurt in your own home because of what someone else does.

The vast majority of adults in Texas have the legal right to own and safely store a firearm in their home. If your neighbor is not safe about how they store their firearm, how they store their ammunition, how they clean their weapon or how they practice with it, you or someone in your family could wind up accidentally wounded when a bullet enters your residence.

Bullets can sometimes go through multiple walls

Being inside your house won't necessarily stop you from getting hurt when someone fires a weapon outside or in an adjacent unit in a multi-unit building. There have even been cases of bullets traveling through the home of the person who fired the gun, through an empty apartment and then into someone's home.

It's also possible that a weapon fired outside could penetrate the windows or exterior walls of a property and leave you or someone you love with severe injuries. Those who own firearms must be very careful about how they handle and store them.

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