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When your child gets hurt after finding a gun with a friend

Posted on in Accidental Gunshots

Spending time with friends is a critical part of childhood and adolescent socialization. Peer relationships have a dramatic influence on the kind of person your child develops into, so it makes sense that you would want to encourage multiple, positive friendships and a sense of social independence.

Unfortunately, when your child goes over to someone's house, they get exposed to every risk factor and danger in that other household. For example, your child's friend may know that their parents have a gun in their closet.

If their parents don't have the gun locked up or if the child knows the location of the keys or the code to unlock the firearm, your child could potentially wind up severely injured. In that situation, your family has the right to bring an accidental firearm discharge claim against the homeowner's or renter's insurance policy protecting the residence.

A claim for an accident will not result in criminal charges

It is quite common for people to feel reticence about bringing a claim after an accidental gunshot incident because they don't want the child discharged weapon or their parents who inadequately secured the weapon to face criminal charges because of what happened.

It's important to understand that firearm rights are some of the most protected rights in the country. Unless someone admits to intent to cause harm, an accidental firearm discharge typically will not result in criminal charges, especially because such accidents are more common in Texas than in other places. What can result in is a successful insurance claim that helps your family limit the financial impact the incident has.

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