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Houston Semi-Truck Accident lawyer

Many drivers experience a sense of unease when driving next to a semi-truck, flatbed truck, or other large commercial truck. The fear is understandable. Large commercial trucks can cause devastating damage in a wreck. Fallen cargo from a commercial truck can also lead to terrible accidents.

If you were hurt or a loved one was killed in a wreck involving a commercial truck, you may be able to bring a personal injury claim and seek damages. However, to bring a successful claim, you will need ample supporting evidence.  


Houston Accident lawyer

As a society, we love our gadgets. Unfortunately, some people are too attached to their smartphones, tablets, GPS systems, and games too much to put them away while driving. Sources vary regarding the exact number of accidents caused by distracted driving in the U.S. However, most experts agree that the frequency of distracted driving crashes is increasing. According to one study, cell phone use while driving contributed to more than a quarter of all auto collisions.

Distractions often come in the form of electronic devices, but distracted driving can also be caused by eating and drinking, attending to children, and even daydreaming. If you or a loved one were hurt in a car crash caused by a distracted driver, read on to learn about your legal options.


Houston Surgical Malpractice lawyer

Undergoing any type of surgical procedure can be frightening. While most surgeries are successfully completed without issue, unexpected problems can arise. Sometimes, these problems are unavoidable. Other times, the negligent, careless, or illegal actions of a medical professional caused the problems. If you were hurt or a loved one died due to a surgical error, it is important to understand your rights. You may be entitled to financial compensation for surgical and medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Surgical Mistakes Can Lead to Long-Term Medical Problems

Surgical errors can take many different forms. A surgeon may nick an artery or nerve, causing additional medical issues for the patient. Anesthesiologists may administer too much or too little anesthesia or fail to recognize dangerous drug interactions. Failure to properly monitor the patient for signs of distress during surgery can also lead to dangerous or deadly mistakes.  


houston personal injury lawyerBased on information gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 1.1 million people receive medical treatment for burn-related injuries every year in the United States alone. If you have been the victim of a burn injury in Texas, the most important step is to ensure that you are safe. Prioritize your health and seek medical attention for your injuries immediately. 

After you sort out the medical side of your circumstances, you might be wondering what your options are when it comes to legal compensation. Thankfully, personal injury lawyers are able to represent burn victims 

The Types of Burn Injuries 

Not all burns look the same. That is because there are many different types of burn injuries, ranging from mild to severe. But even the mildest of burn injury cases are still incredibly important, and it can be helpful for you to understand the type of burn you have sustained. 


Houston wrongful death attorney

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, alcohol-related crashes killed nearly 1,000 Texans last year alone. If your loved one died in a crash caused by a drunk driver, this number is much more than a mere statistic. Losing a loved one in a preventable car accident is devastating and overwhelming. Many surviving family members wonder what their legal options are in a situation like this. They ask, “How can I hold the guilty party responsible?” Individuals who have lost a loved one may bring a wrongful death claim or a survival action to seek justice and financial compensation.

Wrongful Death Claims in Texas

When someone dies because of another party’s illegal or negligent actions, the surviving loved ones have a right to pursue a claim against the at-fault party. In the case of a drunk driving accident, the at-fault driver may face criminal charges for intoxication manslaughter. While criminal charges may provide some degree of closure, criminal penalties do not offer restitution to the loved ones left behind.

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