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In recent decades, riding a bicycle has evolved into more than just a recreational activity for Houston residents. Many choose to use a bike as their primary mode of transportation, especially over reasonably short distances. For example, biking to work or school is now commonplace in many Texas communities.

Even though all who use roads and sidewalks share in the responsibility to keep each other safe, motor vehicle accidents affecting cyclists occur all too often. Seeking a legal remedy is your right after suffering injuries in a crash caused by someone’s negligence. However, most residents agree that avoiding a crash altogether is the best approach to remain injury-free. The tips below can help you stay safe from collisions while biking in Texas.

  • Slow down and look in all directions for traffic when crossing streets and intersections
  • Always ride your bike in the same direction as traffic
  • Avoid using devices like phones and music players while biking
  • Make sure people in vehicles can see you by waving or making eye contact
  • Obey all traffic laws to increase your safety and clear you of blame if a crash occurs
  • Improve your visibility while biking at night by wearing bright and reflective clothing

If you suffer severe injuries from a motor vehicle accident while riding your bicycle, consider reaching out for legal guidance. This step helps you acquire significant financial compensation to manage your injuries properly and get back to your way of life as quickly as possible. Calling out another party’s negligent actions by filing an injury claim can also help others like you avoid suffering a similar fate.

Construction is one of the most dangerous careers in the United States in terms of both the risk for workplace injury and the potential for a workplace fatality. There are a host of risks, ranging from machinery and the potential for falls to electrocution, that creates on-the-job dangers for construction workers.

In many circumstances, construction workers who get hurt qualify for workers' compensation benefits. However, those who are independent contractors or self-employed may not qualify for those benefits. Workers can also find that their employers challenge their claims or may not have carried the necessary insurance to protect their staff.

There are situations in which an injured worker can bring a claim against their employer after a workplace injury. When is such a lawsuit an option for an injured construction worker?


Sports coaches say good practice produces good technique, but poor practice reinforces poor technique. The same is true for driving. When you take your test, you will learn to drive correctly. Then you go and build up road experience year by year. As you do so, you may pick up bad habits. Years later, you might not be driving as well as you like to think.

Few drivers take further training. Amateur golfers, by contrast, often spend hundreds of dollars each year on coaching to improve their technique.

Being good or bad at golf is not a matter of life and death. Being bad at driving might be. Taking an online defensive driving course is a cheap way to improve your technique. It is not the same as taking an advanced driving course where you drive with an instructor, but it is a good start. Here are some of the advantages of attending a class:


Running away from a dangerous dog feels like the most natural thing in the world. The dog charges and you turn and sprint in the other direction. Maybe it’s just instinct. After all, you’re trying to protect yourself. Maybe you think the dog just wants you out of its perceived territory and you’re showing it that you’re getting out.

No matter why you run, it’s actually the wrong idea. Dogs have a very strong chase reflex. Anyone who has gone for a jog with their pet knows how this works. The dog may seem tired out after a few miles but, if a squirrel runs across the sidewalk, the dog suddenly has a burst of strength to pull on the leash.

The same is true no matter what the dog is chasing. That’s a dog’s first instinct. It may just have barked at your before but, if you run, now it wants to chase. That escalates the entire situation. The dog may chase you down and bite you specifically because you ran.


While all motor vehicle accidents can cause life-changing injuries and damage, truck accidents are some of the most severe. These types of crashes can:

  • Cause more serious injuries
  • Cause more damage to your personal property
  • Involve different laws and regulations

Truck accidents often result in serious or catastrophic injuries. Why?

  • Large trucks need longer to stop. If the driver isn’t paying attention or someone cuts them off, they may not be able to stop in time to prevent a crash
  • Large trucks need more room to navigate, so they’re more likely to tip while making turns that are too tight
  • Trucks are much heavier than passenger vehicles. The force of the crash is likely to be higher because of that fact alone

As a driver of a typical consumer vehicle, your goal should be to play it safe around these larger trucks. While there is no way to guarantee that you’ll avoid a crash with a large truck, you can take steps to prevent them as a result of your actions.

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