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The Workers’ Compensation laws are designed to provide wage loss benefits, medical cost coverage and other benefits for those employees who have been injured at work. The two main purposes of Workers’ compensation laws are to ensure employees secure benefits from workplace injuries and to prevent lawsuits against employers when employees are injured.

Workers’ Compensation laws are in place to make the employer strictly liable for injuries sustained in course of employment. The injury must arise in course and scope of employment for a valid claim, and an employer – employee relation must exist.

If you or any of your loved ones has been injured in a workplace accident, it is important to know how the process of Workers’ Compensation works from the moment an employee is injured. Given below are the various stages in a workers’ compensation claim:•SEEK MEDICAL TREATMENT.The number one priority should always be the health of the person injured in a workplace accident. Employee should seek treatment from a health care provider authorized by his employer and employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurers (or Carriers). If it’s an emergency, injured employee should seek treatment at the nearest clinic or hospital.


Over one million people suffer significant injuries from slip and fall accidents in the United States. These injuries can alter the injured person’s entire life, and can cause loss of employment, loss of mobility, enormous medical bills as well as permanent pain and suffering.Only automobile accidents rank above slip and fall accidents as causes of accidental deaths in the Country. Businesses have a legal obligation to make sure their premises are free from harm and in a reasonably safe condition for customers and guests.If a person is injured or seriously hurt after slipping, tripping or falling on someone else’s property because of the owner’s negligence, the injured person is entitled to receive compensation for medical bills, time he or she was off work and even for pain and suffering.If you or any of your loved ones have been in a slip and fall accident, it is important to remember and follow these steps immediately following the unfortunate incident:-•SEEK MEDICAL TREATMENT.The number one priority should always be the health of the person involved in a slip and fall accident. It is important not only to get urgent treatment, but also to get injuries evaluated and documented. In future lawsuits, medical records are valuable evidence.

•REPORT THE ACCIDENT.It is important to report the accident irrespective of where it occurred. Whether in a store, a parking lot, on a sidewalk or even if it’s at the residence of a friend, it is necessary to report the incident to the manager, owner or landlord. Seek written report that details the unfortunate incident.•PROPER DOCUMENTATION.It is important to collect names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all potential witnesses. These witnesses offer valuable insight into how the Victim fell, causes of the accident, the nature of injuries suffered. Photographs and videos are pursuasive evidence of the conditions that may be prevailing at the time of the accident. Injured parties should take photographs of their injuries too. It is essential to put away the shoes and clothes that were worn by the injured person in safe storage.

•MAINTAIN CALM AND COMMUNICATION SHOULD BE LIMITED.The Injured person should refrain from posting pictures or videos of the accident on social media. He or she should refuse to give statements to insurance companies, instead should hire a competent Houston slip and fall lawyer and let the lawyer deal with them. The injured person should not blame anyone and also shouldn’t take blame for the accident. Admitting any part of the blame upfront can undermine a future lawsuit.•CALL EXPERIEMCED SLIP AND FALL ATTORNEY IN HOUSTON.Slip and fall accident cases are complex and hard to prove. Our qualified and experienced Attorneys possess in depth knowledge and experience to assist a victim and his family to navigate through complex and confusing slip and fall accident laws. Our team relentlessly fights to secure maximum compensation through verdicts and settlements for victims of slip and fall accidents in Houston and all across Texas.


In recent decades, riding a bicycle has evolved into more than just a recreational activity for Houston residents. Many choose to use a bike as their primary mode of transportation, especially over reasonably short distances. For example, biking to work or school is now commonplace in many Texas communities.

Even though all who use roads and sidewalks share in the responsibility to keep each other safe, motor vehicle accidents affecting cyclists occur all too often. Seeking a legal remedy is your right after suffering injuries in a crash caused by someone’s negligence. However, most residents agree that avoiding a crash altogether is the best approach to remain injury-free. The tips below can help you stay safe from collisions while biking in Texas.

  • Slow down and look in all directions for traffic when crossing streets and intersections
  • Always ride your bike in the same direction as traffic
  • Avoid using devices like phones and music players while biking
  • Make sure people in vehicles can see you by waving or making eye contact
  • Obey all traffic laws to increase your safety and clear you of blame if a crash occurs
  • Improve your visibility while biking at night by wearing bright and reflective clothing

If you suffer severe injuries from a motor vehicle accident while riding your bicycle, consider reaching out for legal guidance. This step helps you acquire significant financial compensation to manage your injuries properly and get back to your way of life as quickly as possible. Calling out another party’s negligent actions by filing an injury claim can also help others like you avoid suffering a similar fate.

Construction is one of the most dangerous careers in the United States in terms of both the risk for workplace injury and the potential for a workplace fatality. There are a host of risks, ranging from machinery and the potential for falls to electrocution, that creates on-the-job dangers for construction workers.

In many circumstances, construction workers who get hurt qualify for workers' compensation benefits. However, those who are independent contractors or self-employed may not qualify for those benefits. Workers can also find that their employers challenge their claims or may not have carried the necessary insurance to protect their staff.

There are situations in which an injured worker can bring a claim against their employer after a workplace injury. When is such a lawsuit an option for an injured construction worker?


Many nursing homes fail to provide compassionate and comprehensive care to elderly and dependent adults in a safe environment. Nursing home abuse can lead to physical injuries and long term psychological consequences.Nursing home abuse cases are difficult to detect and many of such cases go unreported. Residents with severe physical and cognitive disabilities are targets of abuse and neglect. In most of such cases, the perpetuators are care givers.

Nursing Home Abuse cases often involve complex medical issues and require expert witnesses and well prepared evidence to prove the quality of care received by the victim was inadequate. Our team of experienced and skilled Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers works arduously to fight your case so that you can focus on recovering from the harrowing experience of having your loved one go through abuse and neglect.

TYPES OF NURSING HOME ABUSE:-The National Center on Elder Abuse recognizes the following types of abuse towards Elders and dependent adults in Nursing homes:•Physical Abuse - Physical abuse is any forceful action which causes physical harm and injury. Such physical abuse may be intentional such as hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, shoving, force feeding and pinching or unintentional such as neglect, over use of restraint and lack of physical care.•Sexual Abuse - Sexual Abuse involves any form of non-consensual sexual contact. It includes unwanted sexual touching, forced nudity and even rape. Residents who are cognitively compromised such as dementia patients are easy targets of sexual exploitation.•Psychological Abuse - Psychological abuse includes yelling, criticizing, humiliating or shaming the resident. Victims of such abuse may exhibit behavioural changes.•Financial Exploitation - Financial exploitation involves any sort of theft or economic exploitation of the Elderly resident. It includes acts such as unauthorized control of a patients financial resources, direct theft from his accounts, applying for credit on his/her behalf, security and medical claim frauds.•Neglect - Neglect is often unintentional and a result of inadequate staffing. Neglect occurs when there is a failure to attend to a patient’s basic needs such as personal hygiene, food, clothing, water, sanitation, medical attention and human companionship.In most cases, the abuser is a member of the staff of the nursing home. But there are many instances where other fellow residents or even visitors to the facility are perpetuators of the abuse.

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