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Firing ranges are supposed to provide a safe place for people to learn how to use a gun and practice their marksmanship. Unfortunately, firing ranges can also be places of great human tragedy whenever mistakes are made, and someone gets shot.

Are gun ranges more dangerous than you realize?

In large part, the industry sets its own rules for who can walk onto a gun range, when they can do it, what sort of firearm they can use and more. For example, gun ranges can rent guns to people who couldn’t pass a background check to own one. They can also decide to allow children who haven’t even come close to hitting their teen years to handle a weapon on the range. This leads to all kinds of situations that can turn into an accidental shooting, like:

  • A child loses control of a firearm or mistakenly pulls the trigger before it was aimed because the adult with them isn’t paying strict enough attention
  • Someone buys a second-hand gun without realizing its trigger has been modified so that the gun will fire with little or no pressure
  • The range rents a gun to someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and they carelessly aim the gun in someone’s direction
  • Someone who is suicidal rents a gun and accidentally hurts another person in the process of trying to hurt themselves
  • A gun that hasn’t been maintained properly (rental or not) frustrates a novice user and is accidentally fired when the user tries to figure out what is wrong with it

Homemade ranges can be even more risky

Homemade ranges can be even more dangerous than commercial shooting ranges. Without proper oversight, shooters may unknowingly design ranges that can harm themselves or spectators. When someone sets up a firing “range” in their backyard, there’s no guarantee that their targets are made of proper materials, or that the targets are properly secured.


Many Texas victims injured in motor vehicle accidents believe that they can acquire the compensation they need without a lawyer. In some cases, this approach might work, but it can also fail, leaving victims with lingering injuries and expensive medical bills.

The insurance adjuster's job is to settle the case as cheaply as possible, and in Texas, have no duty to deal in good faith with the injured person. That can result in unfair settlement practices, leaving victims without legal representation further harmed by relying on the adjuster, thinking they can trust them.

In general, people don't fully understand how an injury lawyer can help victims. Lawyers do not simply show up in a courtroom requesting compensation. It takes much more to win an injury claim. Aside from making a commitment to assist those harmed in motor vehicle accidents, injury lawyers:


When you think about where gunshots occur, you may not picture your community, workplace or your home. But one photographer’s campaign shows that shootings can happen any place in our community. When others fail to practice proper gun safety, they place your life and the lives of your loved ones in danger.

New York photographer Kathy Shorr traveled around the country, taking pictures of gunshot survivors. By photographing them in the locations of the shootings, she tried to show how close to home shootings can be, and the devastating consequences.

Gunshots can happen to anyone, anywhere

Shorr traveled to 45 different cities across the United States to take pictures of surviving gunshot victims. She photographed the survivors at the locations of the shootings. By showing where they happened, she attempted to capture the emotional scars the events left behind.


You might think wearing a seatbelt is unnecessary when it comes to your well-being. But you may need to consider what not wearing one can do to an otherwise healthy personal injury claim.

Seatbelts reduce the risk of serious injury by half in the event of a car crash. But if you’re not wearing one, you may not only put your health at risk. Comparative fault in Texas can take seatbelt use into account, meaning money the court awards for damages could also take a hit.

Safety calculations first


According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were 2,752,043 registered tractor-trailers in the United States in 2016. In total, large trucks traveled 287.9 billion miles in America that year. That is a lot of miles covered across the country’s roadways. Given the distances and numbers in those stats, you can imagine the wear and tear on vehicles each year, especially if they routinely make long trips between states to deliver and ship freight. Vehicle maintenance issues can lead to large truck accidents, and it’s important to hold negligent parties accountable.

The Law Office Of Shane R. Kadlec here in Houston, TX would like to consider hazards linked to poor large truck maintenance. We’ll also note liability in these kinds of accidents so you are aware of your legal rights.

Tire Blowouts on Large Trucks

Tires must be rotated and replaced on semi-trucks. The long trips that they make can result in serious wear on these tires, making blowouts and shredding much more likely. Blowouts could lead to tractor-trailers losing control. Shredded tires can also lead to hazards, with treat shot out at high velocity at nearby motorists.

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