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There are many situations where people or businesses may encounter legal disputes, and these disputes may need to be resolved through the civil court system. In these cases, a plaintiff will file a complaint in court, and they will ask the court to take certain actions to resolve the situation. While the parties involved in these types of disputes may sometimes be able to negotiate settlements, or they may be able to resolve disputes through the use of mediation or arbitration, there are some cases where litigation will be necessary. During the litigation process, the plaintiff and defendant will present evidence and make arguments, and a judge or jury will make the final decisions regarding how disputes will be resolved.

In cases involving civil litigation, the parties involved will need to obtain legal representation from an experienced attorney. The Law Office of Shane R. Kadlec works with clients to resolve multiple types of legal disputes. We represent plaintiffs and defendants, helping them determine their options for negotiating a settlement or resolving disputes outside of court while ensuring that they are prepared to proceed to litigation when necessary. Attorney Shane Kadlec has more than 25 years of legal experience in multiple types of civil cases, and he works to provide his clients with strong representation, protecting their interests and helping them find the most effective solutions to their legal disputes.

Representation in Civil and Commercial Litigation

The civil court system provides a number of potential remedies for parties who are involved in legal disputes. In some cases, a plaintiff may seek to recover monetary compensation from a defendant to address losses they have experienced, or they may ask the court to issue an injunction requiring the defendant to take or refrain from certain actions.

We provide legal help with multiple types of civil litigation, including:

  • Contract disputes - An individual or business may be accused of committing a breach of contract, and the other party may seek financial compensation for losses that occurred because of the breach, or they may ask that the defendant be required to meet their contractual obligations. We can help address disputes involving multiple types of contracts, including business contracts, vendor or supplier contracts, partnership or shareholder agreements, employment contracts, severance agreements, and non-compete, non-disclosure, or non-solicitation agreements.
  • Business litigation - A business may need to take legal action to protect its financial interests or address claims that owners or partners have acted improperly. We help business owners understand the best ways to address issues such as breach of fiduciary duty by a company's owner or board of directors, deceptive trade practices by a competitor such as fraud or misappropriation of trade secrets, tortious interference with business activities, or trespass and nuisance claims.
  • Consumer protection - Consumers may take legal action against companies that have failed to take the proper actions to protect people's safety and privacy or have caused people to suffer financial harm. We work with consumers to address issues such as consumer fraud, identity theft, data breaches resulting in the release of personal or financial information, deceptive business practices, and consumer product safety.

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If you need to resolve legal disputes, our firm can help you understand your best options. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a civil case, we can advise you of your rights, negotiate with the other party on your behalf, and provide you with strong representation during a trial. For experienced and dedicated legal help with civil litigation, contact us and set up a free consultation by calling 281-643-2000. We represent individuals and businesses in civil cases in Galveston County, Sugar Land, the Gulf Coast, Memorial, Chambers County, Harris County, Liberty County, Waller County, Montgomery County, Bellaire, Pearland, Brazoria County, Katy, The Woodlands, Houston, West Houston, and Fort Bend County.

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