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Houston Civil Litigation Attorney

Lawyer for Business Matters and Commercial Disputes in Harris County, TX

The civil court system is designed to assist citizens with conflicts and controversies that are not criminal in nature. These include business and contract disputes, conflicts over property, and negligence claims. The harm can be as severe as in a criminal case, but the goal is to remedy the problem rather than send someone to jail.

The Law Office of Shane R. Kadlec can help you resolve a variety of disputes. We frequently handle civil claims involving:

  • Business torts. These civil claims can involve trespass and nuisance claims, tortious interference with business activities and breaches of fiduciary duties. A former employee who misappropriated proprietary data or trade secrets can cause serious harm to a business, but the company can sue for injunctive relief and damages.
  • Contract claims. Breaches of contracts can occur between buyers and sellers, consumers and businesses, two or more businesses, or employers and employees. Many contract disputes are resolved through mediation or arbitration instead of through the court system.

What Remedies Are Available Through Civil Litigation?

The civil court system can provide legal and equitable remedies. Legal remedies are called damages and provide monetary compensation for the harm a plaintiff suffered.

When this money is insufficient to deliver justice, the court can award an equitable remedy in the form of an injunction, which is a court order compelling the defendant to do, or to refrain from doing something, to maintain the status quo during the time before trial.

Injunctions are often critical to properly protect a client's interest and offer immediate results long before the time of trial.

Put A Texas Litigator On Your Side

Texas litigator Shane Kadlec will explore options with clients in business or commercial litigation to seek the best results and minimize the expense of legal fees. As the timing of these can be critical, call to make an appointment to discuss your legal situation with Shane today. Shane has over 20 years of experience and is board-certified in personal injury law.

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