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Shane R.Kadlec Injury Lawyers in Houston TX

Shane R. Kadlec is a passionate and experienced Houston work injury attorney with exceptional legal skills. Shane is one of the leading injury lawyers in Houston, and he ensures the best outcome for his clients with attention to detail and 100% commitment. Our car accident attorney in Houston, TX, can help you in the following ways:

Explain your rights and provide legal advice

Our personal injury lawyer can provide you with a comprehensive case evaluation and educate you on what to do, when to expect what, what to say and what not to say, etc. Our lawyer will assist you in filing complex paperwork, explain to you the legal jargon, and ensure that you do not miss any deadlines during your case. If your claim involves several tortfeasors, our attorney can help you determine liability and educate you on the laws pertaining to your claim.

Conducts professional investigation

Most personal injury attorneys have their sources to perform private investigations at the scene of an accident, to gather valuable evidence in support of your case, and to interview witnesses. Furthermore, an attorney can develop theories on how your incident occurred and come up with a strategy to improve your chances of winning an award if your case goes to a trial. Shane is one of the best Houston, TX, person injury attorneys whose primary focus is to protect his clients' legal interests.

Assesses damages and estimates a settlement value

Our personal injury attorney handles several accident claims regularly and is an expert at assessing a claim and its viability. Our attorney sits down for a free primary consultation with his clients to inform them if whether or not their situation presents a promising claim. Furthermore, our attorney will paint you a rough picture with regards to the settlement figure that you can expect in your case, the time it may take for you to receive compensation, and the expenses you will incur during the legal proceedings.

Negotiation with insurance companies

After a comprehensive analysis of your claim, our injury lawyers in Houston will estimate the potential value that you will receive as compensation and make negotiations with the defendant's insurance adjuster accordingly. Our attorney is one of the seasoned negotiators with years and years of legal experience, which allows him to help his clients receive the maximum compensation on a claim.

Recommendations for medical needs

Personal injury lawyers, in general, have tie-ups with medical professionals that can provide medical services in favor of a lien for a settlement or trial. Also, an attorney can direct you to a skilled specialist that can treat your injuries based on his experience with other clients.

Call us at 281-643-2000 to schedule a free consultation with Shane R. Kadlec, one of the preeminent injury lawyers in Houston. Your search for the best 'Houston personal injury lawyer near me' ends here. Shane is an expert at helping his clients get through all of the red tapes that insurance companies generally put up and helps them understand confusing legal and medical jargon.

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