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Lake Mary Personal Injury Lawyer

Are you searching for the best Lake Mary Personal Injury Lawyer? James at Simmons Law Group is a seasoned personal injury attorney. His specialization areas include automotive and vehicular accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, negligent security, and nursing home abuse/neglect.

Comparative negligence in Florida slip and fall cases

Before filing a claim or a lawsuit for your slip and fall accident, you must hire an attorney to help you tackle the property owner’s arguments since the latter will fight hard to prove that you are partly responsible for the mishap. If the court or insurance adjuster finds a shared fault, you could lose a significant amount of the court award/settlement. In Florida, the court uses the pure comparative negligence rule in determining the amount of legal blame you share for the accident.

The pure comparative negligence rule reduces the damages award that you may receive to the extent of your shared fault for the accident. If your damages amount to $10,000, and the jury determines that you are 20% responsible for the slip and fall accident, you will only receive $8000 from the property owner. Even if your case does not go to court, the insurance adjuster will still use the comparative negligence rule while making an offer during the negotiations stage. Be sure to hire a skilled personal injury lawyer to build a strong liability case against the property owner to the maximum compensation.

How to legally prove who was at fault for an accident?

At first, you will be dealing with the other party’s insurance company, where you don’t have to prove anything legally. Your communication with the insurance adjuster will take place through letters and phone calls. This is where you need to put forth a reasonable argument for why or how the accident was the other party’s fault. Remember that you must also be prepared to face the plausible arguments from the other side.

Most insurance adjusters try their best to prevent the matter from winding up in court, primarily if the insured person could be found legally responsible. If your argument is reasonable, and you have enough evidence to support your claim, the at-fault party’s adjuster may agree to pay an acceptable settlement.

Top reasons to hire our Lake Mary personal injury lawyer

While you are dealing with physical pain and trauma after an injury, our attorney will objectively analyze your situation and build a strong case with valuable evidence. Our attorney has used his legal expertise and exceptional negotiation skills to help his clients recover millions of dollars in compensation. James Simmons can increase your chances of receiving the maximum settlement or award in a relatively short period.

Do not let the parties responsible for your injuries get away without paying for their mistake. Call Simmons Law Group today at (407) 454-3000 to schedule an appointment with our Lake Mary Personal Injury Lawyer. James can help you receive a favorable case outcome with his expert legal representation in a relatively short time.

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