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Shane R.Kadlec Personal Injury Lawyer Houston TX

Shane R. Kadlec is a leading personal injury lawyer in Houston, and he specializes in helping the victims of car crashes and other serious accidents. We are the #1 personal injury law firm in Houston, and we can help you establish fault and maximize compensation. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to choose the best personal injury attorney:

Step 1 – Ask for referrals 

Ask your close friends, family members, and colleagues for attorney referrals as they may know the most reliable, skilled, and experienced personal injury lawyers in your area. Some may have personal experience working with a lawyer and may provide you with contact details of the best Houston, TX, personal injury attorneys. You may also use Google and yelp reviews to identify the top Houston personal injury attorney.

Step 2 – Consider experience and specialization

Personal injury law is a broad spectrum with several sub-specialties, and personal injury lawyers can specialize in one or more of the many sub-specialties. Some of the sub-categories under personal injury include pedestrian accidents, work injuries, assault claims, product defect accidents, car accidents, etc. You need to find a lawyer that specializes in your particular type of case to increase your chances of winning a reasonable award from the defendant.

Step 3 – Track record for high settlements – 

The ultimate goal of your claim should be to help you recover damages for your injuries and financial losses in full. You need to hire an attorney that has a reputation for helping clients recover a large settlement from their defendant's insurance company. Make sure to sit down for a free consultation with at least 2-3 attorneys and get to know about the number of cases they have won, the amount of compensation they have helped their clients recover, and the number of cases they have settled outside of court, etc.

Step 4 – Experience with trials

A large share of personal injury cases settles outside of the court and for a good reason. Your defendant's insurance company will try its best to offer you a settlement to close the case at the earliest. If the sum they offer is reasonable, you should take it as taking your case to trial can be time consuming and expensive. However, you should be prepared to take your case to a trial with the assistance of a Houston personal injury lawyer that has plenty of experience in trials, if need be.

Step 5 – Accessibility and legal skills

Lastly, be sure to hire a lawyer who is available for your doubts and queries round the clock via phone or email. You also want to work with a lawyer that possesses exceptional negotiation and interpersonal skills to receive a large settlement from your defendant's insurance company.

Call us at 281-643-2000 or visit https://www.injurylawyerhouston.com/contact/ to schedule a free consultation with our personal injury lawyer in Houston, Shane R. Kadlec. With over 20 years of experience, Shane is an expert in representing motor vehicle accidents, catastrophic accidents, work injuries, slip and fall cases, medical malpractice, and civil litigations.

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