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There are multiple different types of defective products that can cause serious injuries for their users. When a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer allows dangerous products to be made available to consumers, people who are injured by these products may be able to pursue compensation through a product liability lawsuit. Some of the most serious product-related injuries involve vehicles or auto parts that do not function correctly. Problems with a vehicle's components can lead to dangerous car accidents that result in injuries to drivers, passengers, or other parties. Victims of these types of injuries will need to secure representation from an experienced attorney to ensure that they take the correct steps to receive compensation for their damages.

If you have been injured while driving or riding in a motor vehicle that was subject to a recall or contained defective parts, the Law Office of Shane R. Kadlec can help you understand how you can pursue compensation. Our founder has more than 25 years of experience in a wide variety of personal injury cases, and we understand the legal issues that can affect these types of cases. We can work with experts to gain a full understanding of how defective parts caused your injuries, and we will work to take legal action against manufacturers or other parties and ensure that you will be fully compensated for all of the ways you have been affected.

Injuries Caused by Defective Auto Parts

There are multiple types of vehicle components that can cause harm to drivers and passengers if they do not function correctly. These include:

  • Airbags - While these devices can provide a cushion that protects a person from being injured in a collision, they can cause serious injuries if they do not work correctly. Some airbags have been known to deploy at incorrect times, or they may inflate with too much force and explode, causing injuries such as facial lacerations or brain trauma.
  • Occupant ejection - Vehicles that fail to keep the occupants safely inside during a crash can increase the severity of injuries for the victims.
  • Roof crush - Vehicles need to be designed to protect the occupants and maintain the passenger compartment in roll-over crashes. Failures involving excessive roof crush can cause devastating injuries and death to the occupants, and in these situations, claims can be made against the manufacturers of these vehicles.
  • Failed seatback injuries - Car and truck seats need to be designed and manufactured to withstand the forces in a crash and maintain their position to properly protect the people in them. If a seatback fails in a crash, the occupant can suffer far greater injuries as a result of the failure.
  • Seat belts and restraints - Safety belts are essential for protecting a vehicle's occupants. Defective seat belts may break, or latches may not function correctly, causing drivers or passengers to suffer serious harm in a car accident. The failure of other types of restraints, such as latches used to secure car seats, may result in serious injuries to child passengers.
  • Brakes - The failure of a car's brakes may cause a driver to be unable to slow down or stop when necessary, resulting in dangerous collisions. Accidents can also occur if brakes lock up unexpectedly.
  • Engine components - Defective parts such as belts or valves may lead to leaks of oil, coolant, or gasoline. This may cause an engine to overheat or catch on fire, leading to burn injuries, smoke inhalation, or other types of injuries.
  • Steering systems - If power steering fails, or if there are problems with a vehicle's alignment, a driver may lose control, leading to a collision.
  • Tires - When a vehicle's tires are defective, this may lead to blowouts, or they may not provide the necessary traction, causing a driver to lose control or preventing them from slowing down or stopping in time to avoid an accident.

A vehicle or auto parts manufacturer may be held responsible for injuries that occurred due to design or manufacturing defects. A victim may also be able to take action against other parties that were responsible for the failure of auto parts, such as a retailer who sold parts that were known to be defective or a mechanic that installed parts incorrectly.

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If you have been involved in an accident or suffered other types of injuries due to defective auto parts, Attorney Shane Kadlec can help you take action to recover compensation from the parties who were responsible. To arrange a free consultation and get legal help with your case, contact our office at 281-643-2000. We provide legal help for people injured by defective vehicles and auto parts in Waller County, Fort Bend County, Harris County, Galveston County, Houston, Brazoria County, Liberty County, Sugar Land, West Houston, Chambers County, Katy, Pearland, Montgomery County, The Woodlands, Bellaire, the Gulf Coast, and Memorial.

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