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Lawyer for Injuries to Children in Harris County and Fort Bend County

Nothing is more devastating than witnessing your child experience a serious injury, especially if it could have been avoided. No matter how severe an injury your child may suffer, it's imperative to take action.

Some injuries require more than a bandage and a kiss from Mom. More devastating injuries leading to broken bones or worse can lead to expensive hospital bills. If someone else's carelessness or wrongdoing brought about this emotional and physical pain for your family, it's time to speak with an attorney from the Law Office of Shane R. Kadlec. The best time to speak with an attorney about your child's injuries is immediately after receiving medical care. An attorney can help you set up further diagnostics and begin building a case. Waiting too long may leave you ineligible to file an injury claim with your insurance company or against the offending party responsible for your child's injury.

Texas Law requires any settlements of minors to be examined and approved by judges. Shane has been appointed attorney ad litem by Texas judges to ensure any settlement is fair and in the child's best interest.

The Importance of Quick Action

Generally, an injured party has two years to bring legal action against a defendant or the party loses the right to sue. However, because a child lacks the capacity to bring legal action, the two-year limit does not begin until the child's eighteenth birthday. This extension of the statute has the advantage of allowing a young person to fully appreciate the extent to which an injury has affected his or her development and overall health.

There are several disadvantages to waiting to file a claim, such as:

  • Lost evidence: Physical evidence of the injury event can disappear or degrade, and witness memories can fade. Witnesses can move beyond the reach of a subpoena or pass away.
  • Death or insolvency of the defendant: As with witnesses, defendants can leave the area or pass away before the injured plaintiff files a claim. Bankruptcy is another impediment to recovery. There's no sense suing for compensation if the defendant cannot pay.

If your child has been hurt in Houston or anywhere in Texas, the Law Office of Shane R. Kadlec can help.

There are many places your child may be poorly supervised. Whether it's a neighbors' home, school or out in the community, kids may find firearms, resulting in gunshot accidents. No matter the circumstances of your child's injury, you can trust our firm to investigate fully and construct a compelling case for relief.

We Can Help

If your child has been hurt in Houston or anywhere in Texas, the Law Office of Shane R. Kadlec can help. He is passionate and will do what is necessary and in the best interest of your child. If your child has been harmed due to negligence, you need to take action right away. Contact our firm online or call 281-643-2000 to speak to a member of our team today. We help injured children and their families in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland, Memorial, The Woodlands, and throughout the surrounding areas.

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