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Lawsuit blames drunk driver, bar for deadly Cypress crash

Posted on in Drunk Driving Crash

If you drive northwest of downtown for about 25 miles, you’ll arrive in Cypress, an unincorporated community entirely within Houston’s city limits. The city-within-a-city is home to a bar that’s at the center of a personal injury lawsuit filed by a man who suffered serious injuries in a violent crash that also killed his girlfriend.

The lawsuit alleges that the World of Beer in Cypress over-served the driver who reportedly caused the deadly wreck. After the late-January crash, the driver apparently told law enforcement officers that he had consumed six beers and four shots at the bar before he climbed behind the wheel of his pick-up.

The suspected DWI/DUI driver is out on bail after his arrest on charges of charged with intoxication manslaughter and intoxicated assault. The lawsuit says the suspect not only drank at World of Beer, he was also an employee.

The plaintiff spent three weeks in the hospital and because his serious injuries, was unable to attend his girlfriend’s funeral.

He said, “survivor’s guilt is consuming me.”

He said that he and his girlfriend had stopped by a disabled vehicle that night to see if anyone needed help. “All we were trying to do is make sure someone was OK,” he said. But as the couple checked on the car in a ditch along Barker Cypress near Coventry Park Drive, a pick-up was bearing down on them.

"I look over and see bright lights coming really, really fast," the plaintiff remembers. "I was able to say, ‘Watch out!' and I woke up in the hospital Monday morning."

According to a news report, the lawsuit seeks compensation for medical expenses, his lost wages, physical pain and mental anguish.

Hopefully, the lawsuit will help make it clear to bars and clubs that over-serving facilitates reckless drunk driving that can result in serious injuries and tragic losses of life.

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