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The risks of an accidental gunshot wound at a shooting range

Posted on in Accidental Gunshots

People go to the shooting range for all sorts of reasons — to hang out with their friends, blow off some steam or build up their skill with a new firearm. These ranges are often popular, successful businesses. Most people who visit shooting ranges will come away with stories about their experience and accuracy, not injuries.

Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen where many people handle firearms in close proximity to one another. No matter how well-organized and safety-focused your favorite shooting range is, you could potentially wind up suffering an accidental gunshot wound due to someone else’s negligence, a malfunctioning weapon or other circumstances.

Not everyone who wants to shoot can handle their guns

Different shooting ranges have different policies, but many allow people to bring their own firearms or to rent firearms for use on the range. Just because somebody was able to buy a 12-gauge shotgun doesn’t mean that they can handle the recoil when they fire it. The same is likely true for the larger and higher caliber firearms sometimes available for rental at shooting ranges.

People who cannot control their firearm or who don’t understand firearm safety could accidentally discharge their weapons in the wrong direction and potentially injure someone else. They could drop their firearms or make other mistakes that increase the risk of someone else getting hurt. Accidental shootings remain some of the most common liabilities for shooting ranges, according to insurance records for the industry.

Beyond that, the potential exists for a malfunction of a firearm to leave someone hurt or killed. After such an injury, you may have the right to file an insurance claim or possibly seek personal injury compensation through a lawsuit, depending on the circumstances.

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