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Three Pedestrian Fatalities Hours Apart

Posted on in Pedestrian Accidents

houston pedestrian accident lawyerKTRK-TV reported on December 11 that three different pedestrians were killed in Houston after three separate car accidents. One person was hit and killed by a vehicle on the inbound lanes of the Southwest Freeway at the 288 merger.

A woman died after being struck by a car near Westheimer Road, with the woman reportedly running out of gas on the eastbound side of Westheimer Road and trying to carry a gas can across through westbound lanes when she was hit by a vehicle. A pedestrian crossing Farm to Market (FM) 1960 East outside a crosswalk was struck by a Mitsubishi sedan, but all drivers mentioned here reportedly stayed at the scenes of the crashes and did not display any signs of intoxication.

Pedestrian Safety Tips in Houston

People who walk to and from destinations in the Houston area are right to worry about their own safety when they read stories like these, but the same people also need to be aware that pedestrians themselves can dictate their own safety. Everybody needs to practice good planning when they are planning to be pedestrians.

Some of the different things you should focus on when you are a pedestrian will include:

  • Cross Streets Only at Intersections — Make no mistake that multiple stories here indicated that victims did not cross at crosswalks. This can be a mistake, especially at night, when motor vehicles cannot see pedestrians as easily. Always make sure that you are crossing streets only at designated crosswalks where pedestrian presence may be illuminated.

  • Obey Traffic Signs — When a traffic sign says not to walk, that means do not walk. Do not try to second guess the signals, as crossing against directions often leads to a presumption that a pedestrian was at fault.

  • Avoid Distractions — While many of us cannot put down our cell phone or other personal devices, we all must pay attention to what we are doing while walking. Distractions such as cell phones can lead to people walking into traffic and causing accidents.

  • Always Use Sidewalks — Cities place sidewalks there for people to walk on and stay out of traffic, so make good use of these features. When a road does not have a sidewalk, you should try to walk on the left side of the road so you are facing oncoming traffic and they can clearly see you.

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