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Motor vehicles are complex pieces of machinery that contain many different parts. Multiple types of defective auto parts can lead to dangerous car accidents and serious injuries. Tires are among the most important of these parts, since they are the sole point of contact between a vehicle and the road. If tires do not function correctly, a driver may be unable to maintain control while driving, and this loss of control may make it impossible for them to avoid collisions with other vehicles, obstacles, or pedestrians. When accidents and injuries occur because of defective tires, victims can take action against a manufacturer by working with a lawyer who is experienced in product liability cases.

At the Law Office of Shane R. Kadlec, we provide our clients with experienced and dedicated legal help, ensuring that they will be able to take the proper action to address injuries that were caused by defective products. With over 25 years of experience representing clients in personal injury cases, Attorney Kadlec understands the laws that affect product liability, and he works to help victims pursue compensation for injuries caused by tires or other auto parts that were designed, manufactured, or installed incorrectly.

Injuries Resulting From Defective Tires

There are multiple ways that tire defects can cause accidents and injuries, including:

  • Blowouts - Tires may be overinflated when they are installed, or tread separation may occur during travel because of design or manufacturing defects. In some cases, exploding tires may lead to rollover accidents. A sudden loss of tire pressure can also cause a driver to lose control, especially if they are traveling at high speeds.
  • Lack of traction - Tires should grip the road in a way that ensures that a driver will be able to maintain control at all times. If the treads on a tire are designed defectively, or if errors occur during the manufacturing process, tires may not provide the proper traction. This may cause a driver to lose control when going around curves or changing lanes, causing them to collide with other vehicles. A lack of traction may also affect a driver's ability to slow down and come to a complete stop, and these issues may lead to rear-end accidents or other situations in which a driver is unable to avoid colliding with vehicles, pedestrians, or obstacles.
  • Improper installation - A mechanic or tire installer may use the wrong types of tires for a vehicle, or they may underinflate or overinflate tires during installation. Failure to follow the proper procedures during installation can make a car unsafe to drive. Drivers who expect to be able to operate their vehicle correctly after tires have been installed may suffer a loss of control, and they may be involved in collisions even when following the correct traffic laws and safety procedures.
  • Improper tire repairs - While tires can be refurbished and still function safely, improperly repaired tires can fail and a cause loss of control, leading to collisions. Claims for these crashes can be successfully made against the tire repair companies if the evidence of the failure and faulty repair are obtained and preserved.

After an accident involving defective tires, our firm can work with accident reconstructionists, engineers, and other experts to gain a full understanding of the reasons why tires failed to function correctly. This will help establish liability and ensure that a manufacturer or other parties may be held responsible for the injuries caused by defective tires.

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Determining the causes of a car accident can sometimes be difficult, but with the help of an experienced attorney, victims can make sure they are taking the correct steps to receive financial compensation. Our firm can gather the necessary evidence to prove that a product manufacturer or another party was responsible for a person's injuries, and we will work to ensure that victims will be fully compensated for the damages they have suffered. Contact our office today by calling 281-643-2000 to schedule your free consultation. We assist with injury cases involving defective tires and other auto parts in Memorial, Waller County, the Gulf Coast, Fort Bend County, Bellaire, Harris County, The Woodlands, Galveston County, Montgomery County, Houston, Pearland, Brazoria County, Katy, Liberty County, Chambers County, West Houston, and Sugar Land.

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