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Railroad accidents are less common than car wrecks in Houston, but the potential for serious injuries or even death is much higher due to the sheer mass of the equipment and the nature of train travel. On commuter railways or traveling cross-country, passengers often stand and walk about the coaches. When seated, passengers do not wear safety belts.

In a railroad accident, a passenger can suffer numerous motion or blunt force injuries such as whiplash, spinal cord injuries, broken or dislocated bones, brain injury or even wrongful death. Passengers are not the only people injured in train accidents: railroad crossings are dangerous spots for motor vehicles and pedestrians.

According to the Federal Railroad Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board:

  • In the past several decades, there have been few improvements in the technology and safety precautions in America's railways.
  • While there has been a decrease in accidents involving motor vehicles and trains, pedestrian-related accidents have grown in number.
  • Approximately 60 percent of train crossing deaths happen at crossings that are not protected by crossing lights or safety gates, and many public crossings are unprotected.
  • Train derailments and collisions happen often, with about 16 occurring every day.

What Are the Causes of Train Accidents?

The following are common reasons why train accidents occur in Texas:

  • Mechanical or electrical failure: Operators rely on switches and signals to prevent them from going down the wrong track or an occupied track. Switch and signal failures can lead to collisions with other trains.
  • Track defects or maintenance issues: Design flaws and faulty maintenance on tracks can cause derailments, especially at high speeds.
  • Human error: Train operators can be distracted by cell phone use and tasks unrelated to their job. Human error also affects motorists who ignore signals and attempt to race a train through the crossing.

While the causes of railroad accidents vary, railroads should be held accountable for injuries and deaths. With the help of an experienced attorney, injured victims and their loved ones can take action against negligent companies or employees, seek compensation for injuries and prevent future accidents.

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