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Injury Lawyer for 18-Wheeler Crashes in Harris County and the Surrounding Areas

Accidents involving commercial trucks are especially dangerous because of these vehicles' large size compared to passenger cars. In fact, commercial truck accidents account for nearly one out of every eight traffic fatalities. To recover compensation for your injuries or a loved one's wrongful death, you must know who or what caused the accident.

Given the wake of destruction that truck accidents can leave, reconstructing the accident to find the cause is a complex and daunting task. Shane Kadlec is a truck accident lawyer in Houston, Texas, who investigates fully and consults with qualified experts to pinpoint the reason for your crash. He has successfully resolved over 600 lawsuits and closed more than 6,000 cases. If you or a loved one is involved in an accident with a truck, schedule your free consultation at 281-643-2000.

Common Causes Of Commercial Truck Accidents

During our investigation into your case, we will determine the cause of the accident and then work diligently to hold the responsible party or parties accountable for your injuries and hardships. Some of the most common causes of truck accidents include:

Driver Error

Errors made by drivers account for the most common cause of truck accidents. A recent study found nearly 90 percent of all accidents were caused by the driver's negligence. Drivers make errors primarily due to fatigue and sleep deprivation, although other driver errors are caused by drug use, speeding and a lack of appreciation for the road conditions.

Weather Conditions

18-wheelers are difficult to steer and drivers can easily lose control under less than ideal circumstances. When roads are slick or conditions are unsafe, drivers are far more likely to crash.

Equipment Failure

Federal and state laws require constant inspection and maintenance of truck equipment. However, not every trucking company or supervisor closely adheres to these regulations, accounting for a number of deadly accidents each year.

Overload Of Cargo Or Unbalanced Load

Overloaded trucks may not be able to stop in time, especially on steep downgrades. Top-heavy rigs can roll over on sharp turns.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a truck accident, work with a dedicated accident attorney to figure out your best path toward recovery.

We Hold Responsible Parties Accountable

When a large truck is involved in a car accident, there are a number of parties with whom responsibility may lie, including:

  • The truck driver: Negligent drivers who make costly mistakes behind the wheel can sometimes be held liable for injuries they cause.
  • The owner of the truck: The owner may be the driver or a corporation. In either case, "the boss answers" for the employee's negligence.
  • The manufacturer of the vehicle: Sometimes defects in the design and manufacture contribute to trucking accidents and the manufacturer may be sued.
  • The shipper or loader of the cargo: If the placement of the cargo played a role in making the vehicle difficult to control, the parties who placed the load may be held liable.
  • Maintenance companies: When wear and tear that should have been detected and addressed, such as worn brakes, contribute to an accident, those tasked with maintaining the truck may be liable.

Speak To A Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a truck accident, work with a dedicated accident attorney to figure out your best path toward recovery. At the Law Office of Shane R. Kadlec, our experience in truck accidents throughout Texas demonstrates that we are committed to protecting your legal rights.

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